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Welcome to the school year 2021-2022.  We are ready to get this new year started!  We understand that you have concerns about what this year will look like, and we want to try to answer some of your questions.

In faith, we plan to begin classes on August 17th, as originally scheduled. We would like to have a school year as close to “normal” as possible, under the circumstances. We want to provide a Christ-centered education, and at the same time, respect those who have been placed in authority over us. While we will need to do some things differently, we plan to do the best we can, despite what is going on in our world. None of this is a surprise to our Creator, and while we have established policies to meet the requirements of KSDE, and to try to use wisdom to minimize our exposure, we know that our God is not taken aback by anything in our world today.

We plan to only offer onsite learning opportunities.  

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.    Psalm 32:8

A SUCCESSFUL KANSAS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE has the  academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skills, employability skills, and civic engagement to be successful in postsecondary education, in the attainment of an industry recognized certification, or in the workforce without the need for remediation.”
Adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education, January 2016

Relationships:  "a state of interconnectedness among people, curricula, programs, projects, and communities--is critical in establishing connections that result in high performing learning environments." (pg. 40)
Relevance:  "the power and ability for specific information to meet the needs of its user--strengthens learner motivation and allows learning to become more engaging, empowered, connected, applicable to the real world, and socially significant."  (pg. 42)
Responsiveness: "one that readily reacts to suggestions, influences, appeals, efforts, or opportunities--empowers all stakeholders respectful of, responsible for, and involved in learning, learning process, and the learning community."  (pg. 48)
Rigor: "a relentless pursuit of that which challenges and provides opportunity to demonstrate growth and learning--is essential in addressing the needs of our rapidly expanding society and world." (pg. 44) 
Results: "witnessable evidence of growth and learning--allows curriculum and instruction to be delivered in a timely fashion based on the needs and desires of the individual learning. Informative and summative assessments, coupled with effective teaching practices, can provide the information necessary to fuel teaching  and empower learning."  (pg. 46) 
KSDE 2010 
Kansas Education Systems Accreditation System
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Math and Reading Resource

Kansas Accreditation Cycle

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